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Top End Eliminator Racing Wheel Chair


  • $1,000.00

Top End Eliminator Racing Wheel Chair

This is a brand new chair but is an older model thus the great price, so if you looking at a more affordable way to get into Wheelchair Racing keep reading. (1 only)

Superseded model

No Warranty

Front seat height –19”

Rear seat height – 18”

Rear seat width – 13 ½”

Wheels – 700cc

Push rims – 14 ½”

Front wheel – 20”

Centre of gravity – 6”

Kneeling upholstery

This is a "TopEnd" a name linked with the great wheelchair racers including Aussie Kurt Fearnley.

No warranty unfortunately even though it is a new chair and never used in anger it is a older model.

Happy to provide a quote for shipping or would like any additional information please let us know.

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