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TiLite - TR2 - Make an offer!


  • $3,000.00

TiLite TR2 - Superseded model

This was the floor model demonstrator chair - in great new condition

New - $6500

Seat size:              !7' W X 16' D

Seat height:           Front 17.5' - 18.5'

                              Rear 17.5

Back height:          14” (adjustable) - Angle (adjustable) - Folding

Footplate:              14' (adjustable) Tapered Front

Wheels:                  Rear 24” Spinergy Spox Wheels

                               Front 5x1 ” Solid castor

Forks                      Frog Legs (suspension forks)


Guards                    Frame Guards

                                Side/trouser/skirt guards (removable)

 Brakes                    Push to lock

If you have any questions please let us know.


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