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Top End® Excelerator™ Handcycle


  • $6,250.00

If you want a great way to exercise, cross-train or just have fun, one of the Invacare® Top End® Excelerator™ Series Handcycles is just what you need. This upright and extremely maneuverable threewheel handcycle is capable of speeds up to 15 mph. The smooth seven-speed Shimano® hub with its reversing drum brake delivers hands-on braking and allows you to tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease. The oval tube carbon steel frame construction with adjustable sliding seat makes transfers in and out easier too.


  • Carbon steel frame and fork
  • Adjustable fore/aft seat
  • Adjustable back height
  • Fold over back upholstery
  • Adjustable crank height
  • Chain tension idler
  • Full chain guard, reflectors and safety flag
  • Adjustable height/angle footrest system
  • Shimano® 7 speed hub w/reversing drum brake
  • Parking brake
  • 175 mm crankset w/one chain ring
  • Ovalized ergonomic hand pedals
  • Performance wheels w/cruiser tires
  • Quick release axles
  • 9° camber
  • Cushion and hook and loop seat restraint
  • Weight capacity 159 kg.

Stable, maneuverable and easy to transfer into and out of, our Custom Excelerator™ Handcycle can go up to 15 mph. The smooth Shimano shifter lets you tackle hills or level terrain with equal ease.The 7-speed Shimano hub with reverse braking means your hands never have to leave the pedals. The QuadGrips or tri-pin quad hand pedals are popular options for those who have impaired hand function, and the mountain drive transmission is great if you have low endurance or steep terrain to climb.

Totally adjustable, the Custom Excelerator™ Handcycle features a simple fore-aft sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment with a fully adjustable chain tension idler so there is no need to add or remove chain links. Optional Invacare® Top End® V-cranks can provide even more power and clearance. With a weight capacity of 350 lb. everyone can ride. If you don’t need the V crank option, a special seat width or color, you might want to consider our Excerator Stock model which ships much faster!


Colour is the most individual choice on a wheelchair today. Top End's array of fresh colours allows consumers to customise their wheelchairs to a colour suiting their individual personalities.

From Grasshopper Green to Electric Red, Top End offers a colour for everyone. Whether you're making a fashion statement, matching your favourite sports team or simply coordinating with your clothing through a neutral frame choice, there are plenty of options. Which colour matches your personality? Go ahead... express yourself!

Due to the effects of heat, light and application process, slight colour variations may occur on certain finishes. Specifications and colour selection availability are subject to change without notification.

*Select colours not available on all models.

*Due to the paint application process on some Top End models, these colours may be replaced with a closely matched substitute.

Upholstery Color

Top End has added the camouflage fabric pattern as an option for those who dare to be different. Choose now from camouflage or black.

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