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4-Point Padded Hip Belts with Sub ASIS Pads


  • $174.00

Keeping the belt firmly in position, the 4-Point Padded Hip Belt attaches to the wheelchair in four places to assure that the pelvis does not move from an aligned, stable position and stays securely against the seat and back supports. The primary straps position the belt while the secondary straps anchor it into position. These extra points prevent the belt from riding up into the abdomen or twisting and moving out of position. Thus, four points of attachment are ideal for anterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and thrusting.

The Bodypoint difference is in the details:

  • Versatile design of the secondary strap attachments allow for anchoring the belt above or in front of the pelvis
  • Closed-cell foam in our pads is highly resilient and has great pressure distribution properties
  • Exclusive D-ring design is deeper for larger hand sizes and stays in place for easier grasping
  • Wrinkle-free, soft fabric lining gives users comfort with great durability



    Hip Belt Size

    1' webbing 32cm total padded length

    1' webbing 38cm total padded length

    1.5' webbing 36cm total padded length

    1.5' webbing 40cm total padded length

    1.5' webbing 46cm total padded length

    2' webbing 62cm total padded length


    Buckle Types 

    Push Button
    Plastic Side Release
    Rehab Latch
    XS Metal Push Button



    Pull Style

    Center Pull

    Rear Pull

    Dull Pull



    Flat Mount  
    Cinch Mount



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