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Kuschall K- Series


  • $4,200.00

Kuschall K-Series

The Küschall K-Series wheelchair comes in a choice of three exceptional materials: Aluminium, Titanium and Carbon Fibre, each with its own attributes and benefits.

Küschall K-Series Aluminium wheelchairs are highly versatile, hardwearing and configurable. They are available with a wide range of options to suit your exact needs and requirements in order to provide you with even greater comfort and flexibility.

Withstanding the rigours of everyday use, Küschall K-Series Titianium wheelchairs are suitable for even the most extreme users. Strong and compact, it is the perfect wheelchair for someone who wants a truly unique wheelchair as the means of everyday mobility.

Key Infomation

1. CONFIGURATION: This wheelchair has an aluminium standard frame in the colour ‘ivory white’, carbon camber bar, carbon mud-guards, standard tension adjustable with Velcro® black/grey backrest upholstery, standard aluminium foot-tube, active brakes, 4” Starec front wheels and high performance rear wheels with Schwalbe Marathon tyres and aluminium grey handrims.

2. FRAME: Available with the aluminium frame version, the adducted frame reduces the front chassis width by 40 mm. This is ideal for those who need less space and prefer to keep their legs closer together.

3. CAMBER BAR FIXATION: The standard aluminium camber bar is designed with a fixation in two tones: black and anodized silver – a small detail, but one that gives this wheelchair a truly stylish finish!

4. COLOUR-POWER-SET: The CPS option applies to different parts of the wheelchair, and comes in a range of seven different colours (six anodized and one chrome).

PRICE'S Starting from $4200

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